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Fred Knop Club Lambs ~ Bred Right To Be Right ~ Mature Ewe Sale
July 10th at

Fred Knop Club Lambs is pleased to present 11 lots of mature ewes for your consideration. We have not offered mature ewes at public auction since the early 2000’s. We are striving to maintain our flock at 40 head. These 11 ewes represent 25% of our entire flock and therefore afford the opportunity to fully participate in our current genetic endeavors.

The ewes are presented in a natural pose one week post shearing. They have been grazing on pasture only since weaning 90 to 100 days ago. We are pleased that our ewes can support themselves abundantly on grass alone like the good Lord intended. Our ewes will be genetically compatible with your own stud ram battery and will produce highly merchandisable lambs. They are also great mothers with tremendous milking ability and fertility. Many of these ewes should be considered as potential donor ewes.

As our sale title alludes, we strive to produce sheep that are “Bred Right to Be Right”. We prefer our sheep to be attractive, structurally sound, reproductively efficient with great hips and muscle definition. As you will notice, we have combined some of the most predictable genetics in the club lamb industry into a very complete product that is right for the times. Almost 90% of our lambs and breeding stock each year sell to repeat customers. For that we are grateful. This public auction opens the door to allow everyone to take a look at the handiwork of our “mind’s eye”.

We ask that the ewes be removed from our farm by July 23rd. All transportation is the responsibility of the
new owner. All ewes become the property and responsibility of their new owners at conclusion of the sale.

The ewes sell open, not exposed to rams. The ewes also sell without warranty and are healthy to the best of our knowledge.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.
Fred and Janine Knop

All ewes located at Atlantic, IA.
Please call fo delivery options - 712-249-5864
For Sale For Sale

Lot 1
Tag: Knop 15-27
Sire: IMAX
Dam: Knop 11-21
Dam's Sire: Sharp 24
Breed: Blackface Cross | DOB: 2015

We rarely offer IMAX daughters for sale. As you can see in her photo, this ewe is a true “Beauty Queen”. Gave us twins in 2017. One as a wether and one as a ram—both to repeat customers. Her twin sister is in our flock and is absolutely tremendous in every regard. IMAX is maybe one of the most under-known rams in the industry basically because we do not get our sheep out and about. All who see him at the farm rave about his massive hip, his deep muscle pattern and the consistency of his offspring. IMAX is truly a ram worth the time to stop by and view. In the macro-sense IMAX is a linebred Miller/Marcantel combination.

Lot 2
Tag: Knop 12-30
Sire: Catalyst (Untouchable)
Dam: Knop 740
Dam’s Sire: Overload (Knop[Marcantel])
Breed: Blackface Cross | DOB: 2012

This is a true foundation ewe. Between 12-30 and her twin sister we have developed a complete family line in our flock which has resulted in 2017 with the production of one of our keeper ram lambs, Knop 7944, with the maternal side of 12-30 in his pedigree. Many of our customers who have seen the “44” ram lamb will attest to his remarkable qualities. I’m sure many will question the wisdom of working with a QQ testing ewe. But, when they are this good one just needs to make them work. 12-30 is completely balanced, is sound as can be and raised twins in 2017. We are retaining her 2017 daughter. Her male lamb sold to a repeat customer as a ram. We have many daughters, granddaughters, etc. in our flock. Genetically speaking, 12-30 combines Miller and Marcantel genetics—just where we want to be.




For Sale For Sale

Lot 3
Tag: Knop 16-15
Sire: Holy Grail (linebred Leo)
Dam: Knop 14-22
Dam’s Sire: Ozzie (Impact-Young Jock[Leo])
DOB: 2016 | Sex: Ewe
We have included two yearling daughters of Holy Grail in the sale. Knop 16-15 is the first. I am still questioning the wisdom of consigning either where we do not have offspring out of either (we only expose our ewe lambs for 20 days and shut off lambing mid-Feb. Plus the fact that Holy Grail is deceased). Take advantage of my weak moment. This yearling ewe has it all—correct in her structure, bone, shag, elegance, shape—the list goes on and on. Plus, genetically speaking, for those of you who appreciate linebred Leo genetics like we do, this yearling qualifies big time with as much Leo in her pedigree as any in the country. She projects to become a true stud ewe

Lot 4
Tag: Knop 15-22
Sire: IMAX
Dam: Knop 14-18
Dam’s Sire: General (Arms Race x Impact 999)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2015 | Sex: Ewe

15-22 produced an outstanding Spike ewe lamb in 2017 which sold as one of our high selling ewe lambs. This is a rare opportunity to purchase the IMAX x General genetic combination that has worked so well for us. She is truly elegant when viewed in person with a huge hip and top. This is another true foundation stud ewe in the making.




For Sale For Sale
Lot 5
Tag: Knop 12-29
Sire: Catalyst (Untouchable)
Dam: Knop 662
Dam’s Sire: Henry
(Joe Mayer Hampshires [old line Cabaniss] x Marcantel)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2012 | Sex: Ewe

12-29 is a true “brood cow” -- the epitome of being “Bred Right to Be Right”. We just love the combination of power and elegance that she presents. Her pedigree is very unique. I’d really like to have the Henry ram to use today—he was very much ahead of his time. She only has one side but raised twins—a true testament to her milking ability. We are retaining one of her twin daughters in 2017. The 662 ewe left us a true genetic legacy with her offspring that is too lengthy to go into here. This is the kind of ewe that will keep you in business!

Lot 6
Tag: Knop 14-12
Sire: General (Arms Race x Impact 999)
Dam: Knop 12-04
Dam’s Sire: Pay Day (Money Maker)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2014 | Sex: Ewe

Selling this General x Pay Day daughter strictly falls under the category of “one needs to sell something!”. Take advantage of this opportunity as 14-12 has already produced three stud rams in her lifetime and a keeper ewe in our flock who, in turn, produced a Spike sired stud ram for a repeat customer in 2017. Her photo does not properly represent the beauty and symmetry of her body shape nor the dimension of her hip She has “donor” written all over her! Truly an opportunity to add a stud ewe to your flock.




For Sale For Sale

Lot 7
Tag: Knop 15-25
Sire: IMAX
Dam: Knop 14-11
Dam’s Sire: General (Arms Race x Impact 999)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2015 | Sex: Ewe

One of the favorite ewes that customers point out when viewing our flock. As you can see in her photo, 15-25 is shaped right, her rib design and chest floor correct with enough capacity for productive capabilities. She has great bone and the shag we expect from the IMAX x General/Catalyst combination. Genetically speaking, 15-25 is linebred Miller with a little Leo and Marcantel also noted. She nursed a great pair of twin ewe lambs in 2017 that sold to our customers.

Lot 8
Tag: Knop 16-13
Sire: Holy Grail (linebred Leo)
Dam: Knop 15-12
Dam’s Sire: General (Arms Race x Impact 999)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2016 | Sex: Ewe

16-13 is the second Holy Grail daughter in the sale that I also should probably not be selling. She is linebred Leo x Miller. Check her elegance, her bone, her shag and structural correctness. Her pedigree and phenotype project that she can see service to about any sire and produce the type of lamb in demand today.



For Sale For Sale

Lot 9
Tag: Knop 13-07
Sire: Catalyst
Dam: Knop 682
Dam’s Sire: Knop-Woody
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2013 | Sex: Ewe

One pretty much runs out of commentary describing a ewe like this. Balance. Balance. Balance. Her photo tells her story. 13-07 produced and raised triplets in 2017. The male lamb went to a repeat wether customer in the S.W. One of her ewe lambs sold to a repeat customer. You can take her home and expose her to your own great rams with high expectations! Donor alert here! Parting company with 13-07 is difficult.

Lot 10
Tag: Knop 15-05
Sire: General
(Arms Race x Impact 999 (Young Jock x Money Maker)
Dam: Knop 13-09
Dam’s Sire: Honey Du
(Young Jock x Money Maker)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2015 | Sex: Ewe

Those of you who know me recognize that is the first time I have sold a General x Honey Du combination. Take a look at how her pedigree is constructed. Honey Du was one of the most outstanding rams we purchased from Impact. We lost him after the first breeding season. It became readily apparent at lambing time the following spring that none of the Honey Du daughters were leaving our flock. They have been pillars of genetic strength as we have worked their influence into our flock. Her 2017 lamb was sold as an outstanding wether to a repeat customer. She is definitely donor material.



For Sale
Lot 11
Tag: Knop 13-18
Sire: Knop T-Square (Catalyst [Untouchable])
Dam: Knop 12-24
Dam’s Sire: Catalyst (Untouchable)
Breed: Blackface Cross
DOB: 2013 | Sex: Ewe

The concluding lot in our sale brings a unique half brother/half sister pedigree to the table. She is the mother of an outstanding ram standing at service in Colorado. 13-18 is wonderfully balanced from end to end. Her real strength is her genetic prepotency. She projects to have one viable side to her udder this next spring.



This photo depicts the type of elite ewe we strive to produce.
Her genetics are as follows:
Impact 920 (Money Maker x Armani) x Howard (Captain)/Cabaniss Cash.
This will be one of the first ewes to lamb with General (Impact 107) as the service sire.
General’s genetics:
Miller Arms Race (double-bred Masterpiece) x Young Jock (Duffy)/Money Maker (Calientie’s twin sister)
Scanned with twins.
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